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Two major challenges face the human race as we enter the 21st century. The first relates to major damage to the environment and the earth’s natural resources including the threat of climate change. The second stems from the continued existence of poverty in several parts of the globe with an estimated number of 2.8 billion people living at incomes below $2 a day. Both these challenges underline the importance of all countries in the world pursuing the goal of sustainable development. Solutions to these problems require unprecedented efforts on the part of governments, corporate organizations, and civil society. The role of science and technology in any set of solutions would be paramount. Also relevant to the pursuit of sustainable development is the need to ensure equitable growth in different parts of the world, such that the rich and prosperous do not impose a footprint on the earth’s ecosystem larger than their share and one that allows the poor of the world to lift themselves out of poverty using environmental services in a sustainable manner.

The first DSDS (Delhi Sustainable Development Summit) would focus on some of these challenges by bringing together the leaders of government, industry, academia, and research institutions, and civil society as well as leaders from bilateral and multilateral organizations involved in development-related activities.

The summit thus fulfils the recommendation made at Global sustainable development in the 21st century: directions and innovations for change (19-21 Feb. 2000), namely to establish a forum to set a global development agenda and to monitor its progress jointly with all the stakeholders (governments, global institutions, NGOs, the corporate sector, the research community, and all other interested parties).

DSDS seeks to bring together the world’s most astute thinking, facilitate meaningful debate and constructive discussion, and help evolve global consensus such that clarity achieved will translate the ideals of sustainability into the thinking and living processes of humankind.



sqb_t.gif (55 bytes) Government of Delhi
sqb_t.gif (55 bytes) Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India
sqb_t.gif (55 bytes) The International Development Research Centre
sqb_t.gif (55 bytes) United Nations Development Programme, India
sqb_t.gif (55 bytes) World Business Council for Sustainable Development, Switzerland

Partnerships and Associations

The Delhi Sustainable Development Summit invites organizations, both national and international, to reaffirm their commitment to help overcome some of the challenges we face today.

For details of the benefits package for Partners and Associates, please contact Ms Annapurna Vancheswaran by e-mail at avanche@teri.res.in

Join hands with us in our quest for the path to sustainable development


Members of the global Steering Committee

sqb_t.gif (55 bytes) Prof. Y K Alagh, Vice Chairman, Sardar Patel Institute of Economic and Social Research, India
sqb_t.gif (55 bytes)  Mr Shyam Benegal, eminent filmmaker, India
sqb_t.gif (55 bytes)  Mr B C Bora, Chairman and Managing Director, Oil and Natural Gas Corporation, India
sqb_t.gif (55 bytes)  Dr Praveen Chaudhari, Vice President for Science, IBM-TJ Watson Research Center, USA
sqb_t.gif (55 bytes)  Prof. Umberto Colombo, Former Minister of Universities, Science and Technology, Italy
sqb_t.gif (55 bytes)  Mr Tejendra Khanna, Chairman, Ranbaxy Laboratories, India
sqb_t.gif (55 bytes)  Dr Maritta R von Bieberstein Koch-Weser, Director General, The World Conservation Union, Switzerland
sqb_t.gif (55 bytes)  Dr Manju Sharma, Secretary, Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India
sqb_t.gif (55 bytes)  Mr Bjorn Stigson, President, World Business Council for Sustainable Development, Switzerland
sqb_t.gif (55 bytes)  Prof. Hans J A van Ginkel, Rector, The United Nations University, Japan