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Quote of the Day
India has full confidence in IPCC and in its leadership and will support it.”
Dr Manmohan Singh
Quote of the Day
No global action can take place without national and individual actions."
Mr Pierre Jacquet
Quote of the Day
It will require governments, companies, shareholders, and civil society to work together. That is why this Summit is so important."
Dr Matthias Bichsel
Quote of the Day
There is a distinct and definite linkage between sustainability, resource conservation and global economy."
Mr Kris Gopalakrishnan
Quote of the Day
Transition from fossil fuel to renewable energy is truly in line with principles of sustainable development."
HE Mr Jan Dusik
Quote of the Day
Careful environment policies can drive positive economic forces."
Dr Wakako Hironaka
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Announcing DSDS 2011

Theme: Tapping local initiatives and tackling global inertia
Date: 3-5 February 2011
Venue: Hotel Taj Palace, New Delhi
The Copenhagen Conference of Parties has clearly brought out the complexity of the process of global negotiations on climate change, and the inertia that has to be tackled in order for the world to act in response to the scientific reality of this growing global problem. The current trends observed worldwide in unsustainable use of natural resources and the widespread damage and degradation of fragile ecosystems are of serious concern. Yet, there are in evidence many successful examples at the level of sub-regions, states and provinces, towns, cities and villages where local communities have created solutions and set in motion initiatives, which provide hope and examples worthy of emulation. Why is it then that, while the world has found in several cases such inspiring models of sustainable development, globally there remains a wall of resistance and a huge volume of inertia that limits the acceptance of good solutions?

DSDS 2011 would mobilise leadership from every corner of the globe, and from every sector of human activity, to focus on the deeper malaise that accounts for the current phase of global inertia. It will create momentum going forward by exploring the means by which enlightened solutions being provided in several parts of the world at the local level can be applied globally.
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Prime Minister of India Dr Manmohan Singh inaugurates DSDS 2010

  • "The Energy and Resources Institute, TERI, has, under the able and far-sighted leadership of Dr R K Pachauri, earned well-deserved respect and international acclaim for its contributions to the global effort in meeting the twin challenges of energy security and climate change."

  • "Some aspects of the science that is reflected in the work of the IPCC have faced criticism. But this debate does not challenge the core projections of the IPCC about the impact of greenhouse gas accumulations on temperature, rainfall and sea level rise. Let me here assert that India has full confidence in the IPCC process and its leadership and will support it in every way that it can.”
  • "This Summit represents a unique opportunity, because it is the first such gathering of world leaders where we would be assessing what was achieved and what was left out in Copenhagen. On the basis of discussions that take place here, leaders of thought and action who are gathered here can decide what steps are now required to give us a solid and firm outcome in Mexico."


World CEO Forum sets the stage for DSDS 2010

Raising the curtains on DSDS 2010, the World CEO Forum firmly brought the spotlight on the overarching theme - ‘Vision for a Sustainable Tomorrow: business as a game changer’.

Organised by TERI BCSD (Business Council for Sustainable development) India, a partner of the WBCSD (World Business Council for Sustainable Development), Geneva, this unique global gathering of CEOs saw these leaders prepared to build their thoughts around three pillars of discussions - Vision 2050: the new agenda for business; Green Economy: a transformation to address climate change and multiple crises; and Water: the new challenge for the 21st century.

At the inaugural session, Dr R K Pachauri, President, TERI BCSD India & Director General, TERI, and Mr Bjoern Stigson, President, WBCSD, welcomed all the business leaders. Other dignitaries present on the occasion included - Mr Yvo de Boer, Executive Secretary, UNFCCC; and Dr Ajay Mathur, Director General, Bureau of Energy Efficiency.

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Inauguration of ICCE (International Climate Change Exhibition) 2010

Providing a platform for 34 leading exhibitors to showcase their cutting edge climate change technologies and projects to a global market, TERI (The Energy and Resources Institute) organized the third International Climate Change Exhibition on the sidelines of DSDS 2010.

Inaugurating the exhibition, Dr Farooq Abdullah, Union Minister, Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), Govt. of India, hailed it as an excellent platform for companies to showcase their new environment-friendly technologies that facilitate low carbon growth, and for the public to become aware of such technologies that can contribute towards effective adaptation to climate risks.

In order to provide a momentum to the solution-finding process, the exhibitors, including major companies, international NGOs and government agencies, are demonstrating new technologies, products, and services aimed at mitigating greenhouse gas emissions. The exhibition also showcases examples of successful transfer of technologies for greenhouse gas reductions, and builds capacity and knowledge on climate change among different stakeholders.

In the collective effort to combat climate change, ICCE is more relevant now than ever in creating public awareness on ways to mitigate adverse impacts of climate change caused due to anthropogenic activities.



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